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Competetive Outdoor Furniture Manufacturer
- Jan 23, 2018 -

Competetive Outdoor Furniture Manufacturer

At present, most of outdoor furniture is made of plastic rattan and aluminum frame,and we call it PE (Poly Ethylene) rattan. Generally speaking, aluminum tubehas two types, which are square tube and round tube. For example, most of sofa will use square tube, most of chair will use round tube. But, the key is the design of the product.

So, what influenced the prices of outdoor furniture? First, the quality of the rattan, our rattan have a good quality for two years. If there are any problems, you can contact us. There are round rattan and flat rattan. Usually, the price of a round rattan is higher than flat vine. Second, the question is the thickness of the aluminum. As you know, if the higher the thickness of the aluminum tube, the higher the price. Third, the point is the salary of the workers about weaving. Because there are some chairs are complex about weaving. Finally, the problem is the packaging. Different packaging have different prices. If you want regular packing, it will be cheaper. If you want carton and wood box, it will be more expensive than regular packing.

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