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- Jan 03, 2018 -

  3 Jan,2018           

                              EASE OUTDOOR FURNITURE-2017


One year passed, Ease was keeping supply service to our old friends, and met with many news friends. Thank you for trusting and supporting from all of them. Since 2007, we improved the production ability step by step, Especial at the chair surface powder coating and weaving.

We accepted lots of contract chair order, to make a chair at customer’s drawing, color match. The finish chairs always got good feedback from customers.

Besides of contract chairs, we also publishednew items, aluminum rattan chair with cushion, Perfect back radian, arm height, which attracted many customer to enquiry about it at the fair. Here, please go with us to preview the important time at 2017.


39th China International Furniture Fair. Ease Published new chair, we also call it egg chair. This is a set furniture, the standard combination is 2 chairs and a table, the table we choose same to the chair. For this chair, you could put it at outdoor or indoor, just referring to your requirements. Meanwhile, customers could decide to use seat cushion or not. Besides of the outlook design and color match, we try to KD design, that means, we will disassembly at package. Of course, it is easy to install.

At the same time, we published new table base, we designed the folding box, which could saving space when customer store them. We also tried new color, such as gray and white.


Spoga Fair in German, the biggest fair at outdoor and garden furniture industry. This year, we had a booth with 130 square meter, and shown 83 items at the fair. At this fair, we published the second part new products. We call them Teddy chair and Cara chair. Comparing with other colorful style, Cara chair and Teddy chair will be more simple and with wider usage. You could find that, outdoor restaurant, café, even bistro, all of them could be equipped with Cara or Teddy chair. If you put them at dining room, yes, they could match with lots of decoration style, because of we choose brown.


40th China International Furniture Fair(Shanghai). This was the first time, we went to the CIFF Shanghai. In Shanghai, we found many beautiful indoor and outdoor furniture, also including some garden furniture. We also met with lots of new friend, and thanks for their trust, we could have chance to corporate after the fair. We completed the target plan, and we have confidence to bring more new products at 2018.

If you want to know more information about new chairs and table, please view our website www.ease-outdoorfurniture.com