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French Bistro Chairs Package
- Jan 16, 2018 -

French Bistro Chairs Package

As we can see,packaging is a popular argument about product. Have you bought something on Taobao? If you have,you will find that there are a number of packaging for what you buy. Such as Plastic bags, bubble and carton, even the wooden case.Of course, today, we will discuss the packaging of our chair.

When it comes to packaging, as far as i am concerned, i think it is very important. Because when our client place an order to factory,  and we have finished,then the container arrives at the port,finally the chairs will arrived to their warehouse. The first thing that a customer sees is packaging. In fact,if the packaging is beautiful,it can make a good impression for customers.

Our chair will be protected very well. The first step, we will attach a layer of paper to the foot tube and armrest. That can avoid tube being scuffed. The second step, we will use paper or bubble to protect rattan and seat. This is to reduce friction. When these chairs are stacked, we will put a plastic bag to avoid dust. Finally, we will put Kraft paper to avoid rain, it also can reduce friction. On the other hand, for some chairs and some sofas that can be stacked, we will packed by carton. It's worth mentioning that we will make a set of sofa being packed on a carton.For example, this carton is suitable, the size is about the 2 seats sofa. What more, it can save a lot of space, what matters that the container can hold more chairs. And as you wish, the carton also is very strong.

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