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Future Furniture, Return To The Original Nature
- Oct 24, 2017 -

Future furniture, return to the original nature


From the end of 19th century, People started to make furniture by machine. At the same time, lots of new material has been using at furniture industry. Up to now, the material includes steel, iron, aluminum, Plastic, glass, and other up and coming material.


For outdoor furniture, on the one hand, there is less requirements for matching with decoration style, that means there are more creativity at design and color match. On the other hand, we could say that every piece of outdoor furniture is an independent individual. Most of time, these table and chair do not need other accessories to show their specification. That means, comparing with indoor furniture, outdoor furniture will be easier to let people like them at first sight.


With the development of industrialization, it is not just reflect at manufacturing but also at daily life. With the increase in production capacity, original real wood furniture replaced by up and coming material gradually. But, industrialization represents simple and tough, lack of cozy and warmth. So people want to go back to the original life. People start to do special treatment at furniture surface, such as the bamboo look finish. Bamboo is a very good raw material for furniture. And now, there are still many minority use bamboo to build house. Go back to outdoor furniture, bamboo look finish means people want to find a balance point between industrialization and traditional wood furniture.


Why people choose new material? High production capacity, raw materials recycle usage, environment-friendly, and the last one but also important is convenient to use. Such as aluminum furniture, lightweight is most significant features, at the same time, Anti-corrosion, water proof make the furniture could suitable for outdoor weather condition. People put these chairs and tables at street, they are not only could be used at furniture, they are also a landscape. They make the street full of beauty and bring happy to people. Put these chair and table at outside, people do not need to worry about the damage. And they are also easy to maintain.


Why people want to return to the original nature. As we said before, industrialization brings much convenient to people’s daily life. But real nature with more power and energy then steel furniture. Everything comes from nature, respect nature and Fear of nature is basic principle for people. Modern urbanization development let people more and more get away from nature. Recalling the earliest furniture, they are made by real wood, even we are not at forest, and we still could feel the beauty of nature. People want to return to the original nature, they just want to get some association with nature. And the association could make people feel that we are a part of nature.


Using new material is the trend of furniture development. Natural wood resource is limited. People must to find some material to replace part of real wood. We also believe that with the technology development, future furniture will be closed to nature and life.