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How To Choose Suitable Outdoor Furniture
- Dec 29, 2017 -

How to choose suitable outdoor furniture

weather and climate 


Before buying new outdoor furniture, we need to spend time and take a detailed study. Each outdoor living collection must match the atmosphere and mode of the space. How’s the weather and climate we are with, hot and dry or rainy and humid? If the weather is hot and too dry, wooden furniture might crack. Metal furniture is not suitable for restaurant/cafe/bistro/hotel which is near the sea. The metal might get rust after months even they are painted. Aluminum outdoor furniture is recommended to solve the above problem. Aluminum outdoor furniture is made of aluminum frame with high quality powder coating. It won’t rust even it is put outside all year round.


material more important than appearance


The material is most important. Suitable material means less maintenance after purchasing. Natural rattan furniture is beautiful but needs us to take good care. It can be easily go mouldy in spring owing to humidity. Aluminum PE rattan furniture is easy to clean and maintenance free. We just need to use a cloth and wipe off the dirt every week. It’s suitable for outdoor commercial use.


location and space


Where is your furniture to be put? Will they be put near the swimming pool?  Or you will put the furniture to be put onto the grass? In that case, seat cushion is not recommended. Or the seat cushion should be waterproof.  We also need to think of space saving. Stackable outdoor furniture will be most suitable. They can be stacked and stored easily when they are not used.


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