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How To Clean Alum Rattan Chair/alum Fabric Chair/cast Iron Table Base
- Jan 04, 2018 -

How to clean alum rattan chair/alum fabric chair/cast iron table base?

Outdoor furniture is different from ordinary indoor furniture, outdoor furniture placed in the outdoor for a long time, must have a sun, water and corrosion resistance. Although outdoor furniture has these features, but the daily cleaning and maintenance can not be missing. Because placed in the outdoors, usually a long time dust will cling to furniture, water will lead to some areas in a damp for a long time, resulting in corrosion of furniture, especially furniture hardware and structure. For example, outdoor table in the stainless steel table legs, cast iron table legs, aluminum table legs and so on. Outdoor furniture, metal parts or aluminum parts, should pay special attention.

Outdoor furniture after the general will be through a special waterproof, sunscreen, anti-corrosion technology, cleaning up a lot easier than ordinary furniture.

Aluminum Fabric chair: If the alum surface of the stains, please wipe with water, do not use concentrated acid or alkaline cleaner. So as not to damage the surface of aluminum. directly use cloth and clean water can be washed.


Aluminum PE rattan chair: PE rattan furniture can be clean with a soft brush, a rag or a vacuum cleaner and should be protect against scratches and scratches on the tip or hard objects. PE rattan can moisture, anti-aging, pest control, anti-infrared.


Cast iron table base: to prevent table base have rust, cast iron table base can not use wet rag, it can be wipe with cotton dry cloth to clean. Once the iron base have rust, it is best way to ask professional and technical personnel for maintenance. For furniture depressions and emboss decoration part have dust, it is recommend to use a soft brush to clean. Cast iron table base avoid bumping, to prevent the paint from the shell off and chrome off, can not use hard objects in the furniture on the beat, otherwise, it will fall paint stripping paint.

Cast iron metal table legs away from naturally with a variety of acidic or alkaline items, once contaminated immediately rinse with water to avoid corrosion. Then immediately with a dry cotton cloth keep dry. With a long time the sun cast iron table base will surface paint damage, once the paint is damaged, the internal metal is easily exposed to oxidative deterioration in the air. And shorten the service life.