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How To Identify The Quality Of The Rattan Chair
- Aug 30, 2017 -

1. With the eye: rattan chair is good or bad and the quality of the rattan has a direct link, so first of all to identify the quality of rattan. Good rattan surface smooth, shiny, the color is basically the same, no black or gray spots, the color is beige. Such as just bought the rattan chair is dark yellow, indicating that the rattan chair is Chen goods (no longer under the premise of the paint). Because the rattan chair will be used after a period of time, the color naturally dark yellow. Rattan surface with black or gray spots, indicating that the rattan damp long mold, easy to disconnect. Rattan skin longitudinal wrinkled, this rattan no toughness, brittle.

But now most of the rattan chair brush the surface of the paint, so just use the eye is not enough, you need to help hand to identify.

Second, hands: to identify whether the toughness of rattan skin, you can hand nails on the rattan force on the pinch about, good rattan skin is not broken. With a good rattan skin, it should look at the work of the rattan chair. Hand back on the front side of the rattan chair to see if it will be hand. Rattan chair is made of a root rattan weave, naturally there will be a place to connect. The knot is the best knot, hard to fall off.

Scale: rattan chair because it is handmade, the size of the deviation. The normal deviation should be less than 2cm. Select the wicker chair is best to choose the size of a little better, because it is conducive to activities, especially for the elderly to choose rattan chair, it should choose back high, wide handrails, the elderly can be a long time sedentary, Reliable head. Long time to sit do not feel tired.