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How To Maintain Outdoo Rattan Chair?
- Dec 29, 2017 -

                                 How to Maintain Outdoo Rattan Chair?

Now on the market, the mostly outdoor chairs are made by simulation rattan, which is also called PE rattan. PE, the academic name is polyethylene. Proportion: 0.94 --- 0.96g / , molding shrinkage: 1.5-3.6%, molding temperature: 140-220.

Feature of PE Rattan: with excellent performance at corrosion resistant, electrical insulation (especial for high-frequency insulation). PE rattan could be chlorinated chemical cross linking, radiation cross linking. Low-pressure polyethylene with high

Melting point, rigidity, and hardness. Good performance at water absorption, electrical properties and radiation resistance.

High pressure polyethylene flexibility, elongation, impact strength and permeability better, ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene high impact, fatigue-resistant, wear-resistant. (The rattan chair could be cleaned directly with a brush or vacuum cleaner).


Because of rattan outdoor furniture is made of textile, the appearance of the composition of the need to use a short brush or brush with a vacuum cleaner to clean, and then use cotton cloth to scrub the chair.

Outdoor rattan furniture for a long time in the sun exposure, easier to lose the original luster, and even crack, so do not prevent. If you live near the mountains or dry season should be regularly dehumidified to ensure that it's dry.


If it is necessary, the chair could to use weak alkaline (alkaline pH value is less than 8) to clean the chair. When you use detergent cleaning rattan table and chair please make sure that the rattan chair and rattan table must be thoroughly cleaned, in order to avoid rattan furniture and tables have chemical changes in the direct sunlight.  When you are using rattan furniture and table, you need to avoid collision or hard objects from sharp knife scratches.  In order to keep the persistence of color, when the café chair is exposure to strong sunlight with a long time, you’d better to place the outdoor rattan furniture in a place where is not exposed to direct sunlight, or you also could use a furniture cover. If your outdoor furniture is aluminum frame, at the daily maintenance, the outdoor chair could be washed by water directly, then wipe clean the rattan chair with a dry cloth. If the skeleton is iron structure, you need to avoid to wash rattan chair with water directly, otherwise the outdoor chair will be easy to rust, and it will affect the service life of outdoor furniture. In addition, when you are using rattan tables and chairs in peacetime, pay attention to the rattan interface, try not to dew the rattan, otherwise easy to walk.

As environment-friendly material, PE rattan has been used more and more outdoor furniture production.  EASE warranty is 1 or 2 years, depending on the specific product item. We also could supply technical support or the material, if you want to

Replace it by yourself.