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How To Make A Bistro Chair
- Mar 07, 2018 -

How to make a bistro chair

Sometimes, as you can see, peopleusually can see a beautiful finished product, but, do you know how to make a piece of chair? Next, I will introduce the process flow to you about our factory.

In fact, factory received an order, and the order will be given to workshop. Firstly, we need to purchase a lot of material. Such as Aluminum tube, PE rattan,adjustment foot plug and Plastic bags and so on. Secondly,Hardware warehouse will preparematerial, which the chair need. If the material has finished, the workers of Hardware warehouse will weld the aluminum tube into chair frames. Actually, if the chair frames have been finished, it means that this order has been finished 50%. What is more, process of Hardware warehouse is very important, which named ‘First workshop’. Then, the chair frame will be sent to painting workshop where can make the frame beautiful. In other word, we will say’powder coating, bamboo look finished’ in the quotation. This process will make the frame became colorful. For example, there are Starbucks, ES020,ES032 and Grey wood… And the next process is Woven rattan workshop. You will see the product what you want. As you know, weaving is purely manual. So, we need many workers 

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