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How To Select A Comfortable Chair For Your Café Shop?
- Dec 26, 2017 -

How to select a comfortable chair for your café shop?

When summer holiday coming, many of person they like to take a break on café shop for drinking. For a alum outdoor furniture supplier, how to select a good furniture and comfortable chair for your café shop? Let us introduce some series point, maybe you can get the tips easy.

Firstly, when you choose some item alum outdoor rattan chair, you might have first quick looking on the appearance, the color match it is catch your eyes. Like our item E1040 enclosed picture for easy reference, we have many rattan color match your café shop style, all color


Customized is available. No matter what style you need, we can do it as your will. For chair appearance, when you are touching rattan, it is feel smoothly and aluminum frame strongly.

Secondly, when you take a sate, you can feel comfortable for chair. This tip is most important. Because of the perfect chair angle, backrest width, and seat rest depth design.

At last, the chairs are stackable. That means it can save more space for your café shop.   

Now, please check your chair is comfortable or not. 

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