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Introduction For The Rattan Weaving Types
- Dec 26, 2017 -

Introduction for the Rattan Weaving Types

In outdoor café shop, you can see many kinds of aluminum rattan chairs or bench chairs with different type of rattan weaving, and have many rattan color and styles, such as black, brown, white, yellow and other multicolor for your choices. For rattan, it’s also involving printing rattan, color rattan, with wire round rattan, flat rattan etc.

Now, we are introducing some type of flat with color PE rattan. Flat color rattan, which has two types, one is double stripe rattan; the other one is one stripe rattan. 

Normal, we have 1+1 rattan weaving type, like enclosed picture for show. image.png

This type of weaving is most popular in alum outdoor rattan chair or alum outdoor bench chair, as this simple and more quickly to wave. 

Also, it has A type weaving like the picture.image.png

It has V type weaving like the picture. image.png

Diamond weaving type like the picture.image.png

The waves weaving type like the picture. image.png

Moreover, many of weaving type you could select for your outdoor furniture, and all of rattan weaving with hand finished by our craftsman.