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Now Alum Rattan Outdoor Furniture Is Opening Up In Interior Furniture
- Jan 04, 2018 -

Now alum rattan outdoor furniture is opening up in "interior" furniture

Undoubtedly, rattan furniture is still a important role in outdoor furniture range. In Shanghai Expo Fair to see most of item are rattan furniture. However, in the professional view, rattan furniture there have different varieties, especially made of aluminum rattan material furniture, enough to compare with real rattan furniture.

Ease Outdoor Furniture Co., Ltd are mainly make production of aluminum rattan furniture in PE rattan, with a rattan appearance, but can prevent the deformation of the sun and rain. Rattan furniture, there are make of aluminum structures within the overload about 120KG. Usually with aluminum, the surface to do anti-rust skill, so consumers they understand the material composition of this type of outdoor furniture before buying. 


Now mostly foreign buyers, they are main source outdoor furniture and note that there is a trend in recent years - outdoor furniture has begun to "internalize" because some countries in summer time is short, more than half of time for there outdoor furniture will moving into the room, so in the outdoor furniture design they are close to the indoor furniture style, but the material is still anti-rust anti-deformation, can be adapt to outdoor use.

So, they are now gradually opening up the outdoor furniture for indoor market, especially for tourism estate projects and apartments will usually use, café shop will usually use French bistro café chair for indoor. Also many of aluminum rattan sofa will usually use in interior room.