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Outdoor Furniture Package
- Jan 02, 2018 -

2 Jan,2018

                                  Outdoor Furniture Package

Each furniture item has own package way. Now no matter what the furniture it is. All of them cannot be separated from the packaging. Packaging needs to take into account the beautiful, transport, convenience, storage and other aspects. Whether the chairs and tables are from the factory, or from the mall, as long as you are involved in sales, transportation must take into account the packaging of the furniture. Packaging, in order to protect the hospitality furniture sets in the circulation process, convenient storage and transportation, convenient sales, according to certain methods using the overall name of containers, materials and auxiliary materials. The main function of outdoor furniture packaging is to provide moderate protection for furniture products. Furniture products from production to use is a time and space conversion process. This process includes the furniture storage, transportation, sales, assembly and several other steps. This is the most circulated to the seller's hands, the packaging is good or bad, directly related to the value of furniture, and brand reputation. Solid wood furniture, mahogany furniture, packaging, generally divided into packing and sewing bags.


EASE Standard Package

1.  the staff need to check whether the model, specifications and workmanship are consistent with the work dispatch form.

2.  Checking the chairs.

3.  Cleaning with cotton yarn, rags and other soft things, to ensure that furniture is clean and dust-free.

4.  Wraping pearl cotton, the pearl cotton is packed with the outside world due to the impact of friction. Pay attention to the package of pearl cotton and the perimeter of the product consistent, and pearl cotton to be clean without debris, and pearl cotton to the product, and to use sealed plastic pearl cotton seal tight to ensure that no exposed chair surface.

5.  Stacking the chairs. Referring to the different items, the stacking number is different, We need to consider the bear ability of the bottom chair. After stacking, we will use a belt to fix the chairs.

6.  Putting a plastic bag to keep clean.

7.  Wrapping a kraft paper to protect the surface.

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