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Rattan Chair Cleaning Should Pay Attention To What
- Aug 30, 2017 -

Rattan chair for a long time was easy to dry sunlight, burst and loss of luster, so usually should be placed in the shade. As the rattan chair is easy to accumulate dust and dirt, so clean should first use a vacuum cleaner or a small brush to remove the surface of the dust, and then stained with a wet towel wipe wipe. Often friends on the Internet to put their own rattan chair due to climate and other reasons borers. And some consumers understand the heart of the rattan chair is a professional sales of rattan furniture mall, to our customer service staff to find a solution. Although the rattan chair is not in the heart of the rattan chair to buy, but we are also happy to work with everyone to solve.

Rattan chair furniture was wormwood heart source rattan chair to give you the following suggestions:

1. With cotton or old cloth dipped in kerosene wiped in the place where the moth-eaten, because the kerosene penetration is relatively strong, and then re-use hot water, so one or two later, basically can kill the borer; Rattan chair should first be placed in a ventilated place to use, so as not to sit bad.

2. the salt Pakistan wiping the insects in the hole, and then use the water hot, hot after the same to be completely dry before use.

3. with insecticides, insects, light spray effect is not large, it is best to use a syringe through the borers left into the hole inside the wicker chair, and then open the water after the sun on the light and home ventilation dry.

4. to the eyes of the lime lime powder is also very effective, we do not prevent also try.

After treatment by the above method, rattan chair moth problem should be resolved. In order to avoid recurrence, it is best to sandpaper grinding rattan chair rattan frame, so that the skin to remove stains and restore smooth, and then a layer of varnish protection and a new look, moth is not easy to happen again.

Second, the heart of the rattan chair but also give you a little advice, rattan chair rattan furniture in the use of a period of time after the use of light salt water to wipe, both to decontamination and make its flexibility to maintain long-lasting, there are certain anti-brittle, The role; can also often use a soft detergent and some furniture bright maintenance agent to wipe, the effect is quite good. Usually use the environment as far as possible to keep the ventilation dry, wet weather every half months or so in the sun under the light about to the surface of the rattan dry better, pay attention to not prolonged exposure. Hope that the above method for everyone to help!