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Rattan Chair Making Material PE Imitation Rattan And Real Rattan Comparison
- Aug 30, 2017 -

Rattan chair production materials varied, the price is also different, so the quality of the production of rattan chair can be imagined is uneven. This article through the comparison of rattan chair more commonly used materials pe imitation rattan and real rattan, so that we know what they are in the end good?

1, durability comparison:

PE rattan pollution-free, durable, anti-ultraviolet, and true rattan although there are appeals, but the price is PE teny or even hundreds of times, so the same effect is to use PE rattan or real rattan consumers naturally know.

2, environmental protection contrast:

PE rattan feel comfortable, high temperature combustion will not produce any toxic and harmful gases, can be 100% recycling. While the real vine, although there are comfortable and environmentally friendly effect, but the lack of environmental protection features, the use of real rattan damage to nature, and the most important is the rare rattan rattan rare, the market is almost case can not be met.

3, beautiful contrast:

PE rattan thick and thin, and true rattan thin and uneven. According to the market, of course, is the real rattan rattan chair price is high, but according to the degree of beauty, the real vine less PE imitation rattan beautiful, although the real vine close to nature, but the destruction of the environment is very large, so as consumers we should choose PE Imitation rattan.

4, easy to maintain contrast:

PE rattan strong, durable, tough, easy to clean, suitable for indoor and outdoor, open air are suitable, and not afraid of dirty do not have special maintenance, only need to clean with water. The real vine can not be placed on the outdoor exposure or rain, or easy to break, and the real vine need regular cleaning and maintenance, or wet weather easily insects mildew.