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Street Food And Outdoor Restaurant
- Nov 09, 2017 -

                      Street Food and Outdoor Restaurant


Talking about outdoor food culture, we have to talk the street food first. The specification of street food is fast, easy and food to go. Normally, these shops do not have unique building or stable place at beginning. The tool to make food is rich and they always could be used completely.


As ready-to-eat food or drink, people could find them at street or public place. Most street foods are classed as both finger food and fast food. Why people choose street food? We think for a series of reasons, like coffee to go. We believe that coffee is life necessities for many people. People always want to get them in the shortest time, because of time is limited, for coffee, they have lots of options. Go back to food, food is life necessities and it is the most important one. Shorten the time to cook, fast food and street food is a good idea for many people who is very busy.


At the beginning of street food, the sales method is food to go or drink to go. In other words, people will not stay at the booth for long time. With the time go by, the booth owner put some small tables and chairs near the booth, it brought convenient to people. Times go by, more and more people find that seating at street to enjoy food also is a good option. Seating at outdoor, You could know the change of this city, you will have chance to meet different people.


Eating at outside, you need to equip the furniture which is used at outdoor condition. The most important specification is including water-proof, UV-resistant and lightweight. In the choice of material, aluminum is a good one at the present. Manufacturing the chair with aluminum tube is lightweight, and more durable than wrought iron. It is very long lasting, so you will most likely need to buy only one set in your lifetime. It is usually finished with powder coat paint which is very durable as well. Unlike many other types of patio furniture, Aluminum products need very little maintenance to keep their brand look for a very long time.


At the style, there are retro, modern, and simplicity etc. People present the style by weaving, different pattern with colorful rattan. Compared with real rattan, PE rattan could create more patterns, with the development of modern industrial technology, PE rattan could be produced with many different color. That makes it possible to meet different style decoration and places. Even at outdoor, these chairs also could be a very beautiful view.


From street food to outdoor restaurant, more and more people like this life style, maybe just one cup of coffee, the sweet of coffee bane not just for you , it also could bring sweet to other people.