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Street Food-Decent Outdoor Dining Is Rising
- Jan 11, 2018 -

Street Food-Decent Outdoor Dining is Rising

ON a cold, blustery morning, eating outside does not seem appealing. Yet on a solitary concrete quay, suited workers huddle around outdoor table and chairs. There are some food stalls line the water's edge. One sells Thai food out of a rickshaw, another salted pork buns from a converted horse box, the food is not expensive, and this is the latest catering fashion.


Besides of the special times in history, food is not only the food for people, always to consider about etiquette or decent. Elegant restaurants come into being. Indoor dining often brings more restriction, such as vision, move. With the development of eating habits, chairs and tables start to be used at outside. At first, Europe is not big and crowed place, indoor restaurant and café often very small, and put furniture at outdoor is a good way to expend dining space. Then, smoking at outdoor is allowed. Eating at outside, you could speak louder, that means you could have more pretty chat with friends, and you do not to apologize to others. People who live in Europe, like pretty sunshine. Because of geographic location, and cinema, the winter is long and cold. People would like to cost more time at enjoy sunshine and the pleasant atmosphere, Open sky help uplift mood and enjoy the nature beauty, although you are in city, you also could see more details about the city that you can’t notice at usual. To collect more memories about the city. No matter you are living here or just a visitor.


Street Food, I think it’s a part of outdoor dining. To put 2 chairs and a table near the catering car, you also could call it a outdoor dining.


Fast food, almost they are chain. The feature of them is most of eating space at outdoor. They hope to service more customers at the limited place. So, they need the chairs and table can’t use too much space. It would be better if the furniture is flexible, So that they could match tables as they like. These shops often with huge human traffic, they must to equip high quality furniture. Not only for human use, but also suitable for outdoor weather.


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