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The Advantages Of Outdoor Rattan Furniture
- Jan 02, 2018 -

The advantages of outdoor rattan furniture

Aluminium Plastic rattan chair , made of plastic rattan and aluminium framework , the surface are spraying with powder and paint it is a kind of artificial weaving furniture, mostly used as outdoor furniture.

Aluminum is a very light metal with a density of 2702 grams / cubic centimeters, about 1/3 of pure copper. Because its surface prevents further oxidation of the internal metal, the corrosion resistance of aluminum is good. The industrial use of aluminum is excellent, and it is easy to bear all kinds of molding technology. The aluminum chair adopts frame structure, welding durable, and not easily broken or loose, so the quality can be kept for more than five years.

The rattan is made from PE and PVC plastic which has strong toughness and anti aging. Non-toxic and easy to color, it is suitable for the modern various styles of imitation rattan furniture products and rattan imitation products. It not only has the characteristics of beautiful, durable, sanitary, washable, high intensity, and is not easy to be mouldy, but also does not have harmful substances and is harmless to the human body. Because it will not be dry and deformed, durable, anti ultraviolet for bad weather, so it quite suitable for outdoor furniture material.

Comparing with the plant rattan furniture, the PE rattan furniture not only has the traditional hand weaving mechanism features, but also has good flexibility, color stability, the color can be kept for a long time, and its not moldy, easy cleaning, anti ultraviolet radiation, the product not only can exposed to the weather rain, light fastness, but also had the advantages of low cost , it can be used at a variety of occasions. Like Outdoors, in daily life, and it often appeared in the open-air restaurant, leisure club, outdoor playground, garden hotel and balcony, it is not only beautiful, but also cool and comfortable. It is also available in the bed room, it can be used about four to five years. It is deeply loved by foreign and domestic consumers.

According to the needs of the market and consumers, we can produce different kinds of products, and we can also produce samples according to the drawings and specifications provided by the customers. Thus the outdoor chair also has the characteristics of rich and colorful colors and styles, so it is very popular with people of all ages.