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The Choice Of Tea Chairs And Ideas
- Aug 30, 2017 -

Tea stairs on the hotel and restaurants and other public places how to choose, need to pay attention to what? Hotel restaurant industry is mainly related to public places in the choice of people must pay attention to the matter, the following give you a lecture.

1. The material of the rattan chair

In the rattan chair material is mainly divided into two kinds of natural rattan and imitation rat, if your chair in the outdoor use we recommend you with imitation rattan material, if the indoor words suggest you use the natural rattan. (Most customers choose this way), natural rattan performance is cumbersome and can not rain. So the specific choice to combine their own situation.

2. The size of the rattan chair

The restaurant is for everyone to leisure place, in the choice of the area must pay attention to their own site to allow the conditions under the choice of a little bigger, and sit up more comfortable.

3. The price of the rattan chair

Rattan chair how to choose the price also need to combine their current basic situation of the restaurant, you are to do a small restaurant or a large restaurant, or high-end small restaurant. According to our data to see a lot of people like and accept the price of two stages is a 1000-1200 or so, the second is about 1800-2600.

4. How to adapt to the public places

The things in public places are that we all like and are very durable.

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