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The Difference Between Indoor Furniture And Outdoor Furniture
- Dec 25, 2017 -

  December 25, 2017

The Difference Between Indoor Furniture and Outdoor Furniture

As you can see it, furniture is a very important part in our life. We can see it in anytime and anywhere. What‘s more, the furniture garnish our house, our street, our park and so on. However, do you know the furniture is divided into two types named Indoor Furniture and Outdoor Furniture?

What matters is that their function and appearance are different. Indoor furniture looks very warm. In other words, many people love warm colors in house, such as Dark Red, Light Warm and Gloss Art Fiber warm tone. For example, sofa is mostly made of PU, sponge,iron and fabric in your house; chair and table are made of solid wood.

So, what is the outdoor furniture? Their appearance is different. Firstly, It usually use rattan waving and textylene. Developed for modern style, most of time, these rattan chair and textylene chair will be put at outdoor. They need to bear rain and sun, and including the cushion. If you accidentally throw a cup of water on the cushion, it will become warm quickly because of the outdoor waterproof material. But, Indoor Furniture will take a long time. Secondly, compared to Indoor Furniture, Outdoor Furniture can be exposed at sun and will not fade. The frame of the furniture is aluminum and stainless steel. This material has a very stable nature, it will not rust. So we can use it safely outside.

By the way, Outdoor chair could be made with lots of color.  And it can be used for various occasions. So, if you need know more information about Outdoor Furniture, please visit the website:www.ease-outdoor.com.