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The Origin Of The Rattan Chair Is Extremely Unique
- Aug 30, 2017 -

Rattan chair, that is, to the value of the stem of the stem and the core of raw materials for the braided practical supplies.

China as early as the Tang Dynasty has rattan technology, the earliest originated in Guangdong Danzhou (now Hainan Island Dan County), Qiongzhou. Local people to wild rattan braided curtains, some craftsmen are still on the curtain weaving flowers and birds and insects pattern, very beautiful. Tang Xuanzong Kaiyuan to Yuanfeng years Lingnan and other places often to leather rattan, colored rattan to tribute to the court. The early Qing Dynasty folk rattan workshop has been greatly developed. As a gathering of Lingnan Hakka Ganzhou rattan workshop have appeared.

Rattan craft seems simple, in fact, still a lot of time. Rattan raw materials into the workshop after the first rattan, that is, cut the rattan on the scar; next to pick vine, vine, vine, vine, rattan, rattan. That is, planing vine, but also after bleaching, dyeing, weaving, painting and so on more than a dozen processes.

In the furniture made of rattan, the production of the rattan chair is the largest. In fact, the rattan chair produced in the workshop, in addition to Mr. Lu Xun loved the kind of traditional style, there are dragon and dung chairs, peacock chairs, plum chairs, orchid chairs and restaurant chairs.

Rattan chair, fiber tough, flexible. Bright color, soft and comfortable, strong corrosion resistance and water resistance. The rattan chair has a light and beautiful, sturdy and characteristic. Especially in the hot summer, sitting on the rattan chair on the Dayton feel cool, sedentary not hot, breathable performance. Winter sit no cold feeling, put a piece of cotton mat sitting still comfortable. Rattan chair is cheap and unique furniture.