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The Process Of Outdoor Chair
- Jan 03, 2018 -

The process of outdoor chair

        Outdoor aluminum rattan chair generally adopts the following process:

Product design - material - frame making - spraying treatment - weaving - finished product inspection


PE rattan furniture is mostly frame structure, and the frame is not only related to the overall shape of the furniture, but also the main structural part of the force. The main frame of this furniture is the metal aluminum frame. The main frame is winding or covered by rattan, and most of the frames are not visible. Therefore, the frame design is relatively simple, and only needs to meet the overall modeling and mechanical properties without decoration. The form of the frame determines whether the whole furniture is full visual tension, or the  smooth lines.

The framework of this furniture is mainly based on aluminum alloy. The main production process is as follows:

Bends - Welding - grinding - correction - molding

Open material refers to the material according to the required length of incision; elbow refers to the chopped material required by the arc welding is bending; processed materials are welded to form a preliminary outline of the framework; grinding refers to weld grinding, make it smooth and meticulous; correction including the framework adjustment, maintain symmetrical before and after alignment.


After the frame is done, the spraying process of the frame is carried out. First clean the  dust and dirt of aluminum frame surface ,you should clean the aluminum frame surface after removal of grease oil washed, then spray coating water to enable the aluminum frame paint adhesion strengthening, after cleaning, and then drying the aluminium frame with high temperature of 220 degrees, and spray the bottom powder with black or other colors . After baking at 220 degrees, the frame is removed after cooling, and then the surface color is processed, and the spray can be done.

weaving patterns and methods

After the metal frame is treated by the paint, it can be knitted on the frame by hand. The main process is:

Package frame - pull- weave - end - pipe sleeve - Inspection

Package frame is prevention of woven rattan shelf forming by the color  inconsistencies,if the rattan weaving is not dense and we can see the  paint color of aluminium frame , we called 'drain' ', increase the bottom because the body can enhance the long-term pressure on the base plate, plastic toughness and sag would restore to the original smooth; pull bar  can determine the root number of vertical bar base plate and a backplane according to the product weaving method ; weaving: according to the product structure can determine the knitting method and order of finishing; around, handrails, legs finishing of braided, finally set up with shiny foot and foot plug sleeve.

Finally, the quality of the finished product is tested, we need to check if the surface is smooth and the weaving is unflawed.