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Use The Rattan Chair To Create A Fresh Pastoral Style
- Aug 30, 2017 -

Pastoral style is the main pursuit of the natural return of the soul, embodies the country's leisure, rich local flavor. While the rattan chair is very close to nature, mainly wood and rattan or bamboo.

Rattan chair can be said to be a family of practical products, but also gradually evolved more and more like a work of art. Not only the mattress of the material is a good reflection of the pastoral style of the elements of the characteristics of the shape of the rattan chair is also showing the rustic style of the simple and refreshing, as well as the feeling of the chair is more idyllic style is better than the rural style in. From the whole, clever use of rattan chair can easily create fresh pastoral style.

With the rattan chair and other rattan works with, embodies the Chinese pastoral style, it seems elegant and the atmosphere. You can put the rattan chair in the corner near the window, leisure time, or want to relax, half lying on the rattan chair, holding the general prose, asked the little bit of ink incense, hand is a cup of braved Faint water vapor of tea, occasionally tired, looked up and looked out the window, I do not know when the open flowers into the eyes, very relaxed. Enjoy the busy city busy.

In general, and the rattan chair with only a very simple elements, such as lattice pattern cloth, rattan woven vase or flower basket, which put a little fresh flowers. Faint rattan does not need any bright colors, so the whole hue is gray for the best, so you can use the rattan chair to create a pastoral style.